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You, the Earth & Me believes in conscious consumerism. Our products are tried and tested and all with our stamp of approval, from ME to YOU and the best part is it wont cost the EARTH?

flower 1 Made in Australia: By choosing Australian products you are not only supporting the local economy and small businesses, you are also helping to reduce your own carbon footprint.
flower 1 Fair Trade: We want our shoppers to share in our good karma, so any products we sell from developing countries are produced with fair trade. At You the Earth and Me, we believe homewares and gifts are greatly enjoyed when all involved are treated fairly.
flower 1 Recycled Materials: Whether the product has been made from reused, up cycled or recycled materials, we consider it to be eco-friendly and sustainable.
flower 1 Non-toxic Materials: Harmful chemicals are not good for the earth or us. That?s why we look for products that are eco-friendly, organic and sustainable. Many of our products are also biodegradable.
flower 1 Renewable Resources: Renewable materials are the way of the future with materials such as cork, bamboo and jute leading the way. After all, isn?t it time we found natural resources that are easily replenished without taking a huge toll on the planet?
flower 1 Handmade: There?s nothing like buying a unique, handmade piece. Our handmade products are created with love and care.
flower 1 Organic: As close to natural as it can get, organic products don?t harm the planet with chemicals and are gentle to our skin, as well as being eco-friendly.

About us

You, the Earth & Me is all about conscious consumerism. We offer customers quality, tried and tested products, from companies who love the environment just as much as we do. We endevour to ensure our products are exactly what they say they are. read more


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